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The Bega Chamber of Commerce and Industry advocates the economic and social well being of Bega by actively responding to issues facing the local business community, Bega citizens and visitors to the area. Having established productive working relationships with all levels of government and many community organisations, the Bega Chamber represents it's members to promote a healthy local economy. The Chamber's efforts help local businesses capitalise on the unique aspects of our Far South Coast environment.

The Bega Chamber is one of the strongest in N.S.W.; It represents over 70 businesses, professionals and individuals; By working together, Chamber members are able to achieve collectively what cannot be achieved individually. The diverse range of skills our membership offers is the Bega Chamber's greatest asset.

Undoubtedly, Bega will continue to develop as a commercial centre. In the last twelve months, the Bega Chamber has represented the concerns of it's members to potential developers, and will continue to consult it's members on their views about development proposals. In this way, Chamber membership gives local businesses a voice. In addition to it's vital role as advocate, the Bega Chamber coordinates highly successful commercial promotions every year in which all members may participate and benefit. Chamber social functions and meetings also offer members the opportunity to promote their businesses through networking. Your support of the Bega Valley Chamber of Commerce and Industry makes all this possible.

If you would like to become a member of the Bega Chamber and/or Bega Business Council, membership applications forms are available on the web by clicking the link below.

Sincerely Malcolm Barnes President

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